Ben Courtice

While the 21st Century Socialism tendency left before their views had a chance to be debated, some of the issues they raised are worth further consideration, and the response to them also.

The article by Lisa MacDonald, Pat Brewer & Pip Hinman asking “Is sex work just a job like any other?” asks an unhelpful question, and by a circuitous route reinforces some of the messages of the conservative backlash against sex workers' rights.

As a Socialist Alliance member whose main political activity these days is working in and for various climate change related campaigns I often hear slightly concerned questions from other members.

This is very specifically directed at Melbourne SA issues but I think it deserves national airing as the discussion may perhaps reflect on problems elsewhere; and because Melbourne is one of our most important branches nationally because of the political life in that city. Unfortunately the organisation there is in the worst state I’ve ever seen it.

Something has been bugging me ever since I saw Gina Rinehart on the back of a ute speaking to a rally of struggling mining executives against Kevin Rudd’s ill-fated Resource Super-Profits Tax.

  1. Socialist Alliance re-affirms that it will continue to support and propose strong, progressive and ambitious solutions in key debates in the climate movement, and that our climate movement strategy be designed to achieve rapid and constructive changes to government climate change policy, even if this means that all of our desired policy goals are not immediately adopted.

Green Left Weekly is a great newspaper, but its lack of rivals can blind us to its faults, for lack of anything to judge it against.

The format of Green Left has barely changed over the nearly 20 years since it began publishing. In this time the internet has arrived and changed news presentation dramatically. Print media are struggling everywhere, as people go online for information.

Sara Moss writes in AV Vol. 8 no. 1 that “It is simply wrong to argue, as some have tried, that only socialism can provide an answer to Climate Change.” She makes the argument that capitalism can stop global warming. As we have outlined in the SA Climate Charter, to really stop global warming would basically need new industrial revolution. Would capitalists allow it or undertake it? They have had the technological potential for such innovation for decades yet instead have invested into finance because it is seen as less risky. Will the current financial crisis force them to invest back into new technology and innovation?

Why is the government so keen to reform Senate voting with the threat of a double dissolution election hanging in the air?