Jay Fletcher

A team of progressive activists has formed an independent “Housing Action” ticket to run in the September 8 council elections in the City of Sydney.

The united platform “Decent housing is a human right” is a further step towards practical unity between independent socialists and members of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and the Socialist Allliance (SA).

The team has come together to challenge City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore's pro-corporate development stance. It is also championing public housing and human rights over pro-development and big business.

Forty-eight hours to send newly arrived refugees back the way they came and a plan to conceal when boats are “turned around” at sea, were among immigration minister Scott Morrison's statements at his first weekly briefing under “Operation Sovereign Borders” on September 23.
The Socialist Alliance estimated in 2010 that its key policies for social justice and environmental sustainability would cost a minimum of $81-140 billion a year.