Susan Price

The people of Iran are demanding food, democracy, an end to corrupt, theocratic rule and their basic human rights. And they need our urgent solidarity.

In Sydney, thousands of workers took to the streets on November 16 to demand an end to the Turnbull government's attacks on workers rights and conditions.

If we’re going to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe on Manus, the campaign will need to broaden out, escalate and challenge Labor's bipartisan support for cruelty.

Today young activists occupied the offices of the Department of Immigration in Sydney to protest the treatment of 600 asylum-seekers who have been abandoned on Manus Island by the Australian government.

We can’t rely on the fossil fools in parliament. It is going to take people power to stop Adani once and for all, and to move to a safe climate future.

Vote below the line (number 2 boxes minimum); Vote 1, Socialist Alliance (in ASHFIELD - Susan Price; in LEICHHARDT - Blair Vidakovich; in STANMORE - Pip Hinman); Vote 2, 3, 4 for the Greens; Vote 5,6,7 for any progressive independents; then Labor.

Visit our campaign page here.

The Socialist Alliance has announced three candidates for the Inner West Council elections to be held on September 9: Pip Hinman (for Stanmore ward), Susan Price (for Ashfield ward) and Blair Vidakovich (for Leichhardt ward).

Malcolm Turnbull and his ilk need to be kicked out, but workers cannot be satisfied with an end game of simply re-electing a Labor government.

Here's how to vote Socialist Alliance in the seat of Fremantle.


Militant union leaders, First Nations, community, rural and social movement activists will present some inspiring talks at the Socialist Alliance's 12th National Conference, in Geelong from January 20-22. Have you registered yet?
If bosses could get away with it, the powers of the ABCC would be extended far beyond the construction industry. Their objective is to weaken the organisation and resistance of all workers to attacks, whether on penalty rates, the minimum wage or other conditions.

Socialist Alliance member, Sue Bolton, is standing for re-election as a councillor in the City of Moreland. Polling day is October 22.