Walyalup (Fremantle)

The December 2 ABCC demo over here was very good; well over 2000 present maybe as much as 3000. Biggest contingents were from MUA and AMWU at around 1000 each.

The federal government is currently overseeing a massive expansion of freight movements through Australian ports. The 2010 National Ports Strategy (subtitled “Infrastructure for an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable future”) is a component of the infrastructure building that the ALP and the ACTU see as their central project on behalf of Australian capitalism during this term of office1.

Nationally, what is being planned is a doubling of freight movements by 2020 and then a further doubling by 2030.

SA has been playing a significant role in a campaign to move freight travelling to Fremantle Port onto rail and opposing the Barnett government's destructive road-building plans. The campaign's success has been to link up diverse activists and political players into a united front that extends into regional WA.

Under the subhead, “Economic Crisis Already Here - with worse to come” add the sentence in bold.

The French Revolutionary Communist League (LCR) summer school, which, I recently attended, has attracted around 1200 people.

Socialist Alliance candidates involved in the growing protest movement against the bulldozing of the Beeliar Wetlands have reacted sharply to claims published by the City of Melville, and reported in The West Australian on 27 January, regarding the construction of the Perth Freight Link.

Socialist Alliance candidate Chris Jenkins tells the Fremantle Herald why Fremantle Hospital's emergency department should be re-opened.

The only way to stop One Nation is to build a political force that is 100% pro-worker and pro-community, committed to a lasting distribution of wealth and breaking the power of the fossil fuel industry and the banks.

Wharfies at DP World Fremantle

In the face of catastrophic climate change, the business-as-usual assumptions about endless growth and building freeways have to end.