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NSW local government elections were held in 46 local government areas in NSW on September 9. Elections were held for 20 existing councils and 26 forcibly amalgamated new councils with new boundaries. The councils that were not slated for amalgamation — City of Sydney, Sutherland — had their elections in 2016.

Society has a duty of care to minimise the physical and psychological suffering of animals and that means ensuring the welfare of animals and protection for animals at risk.

Amendments are indicated in bold, underline.

This is a revised draft of the policy based on some feedback, and also adds in a point omitted from the original draft.

The extreme concentration of the banking and financial systems means that ordinary working people lose out on a big scale.

Sections 18C and 18D of the Racial Discrimination Act — the law against racial vilification — are under renewed attack from the right including the Murdoch media empire and the Coalition government for allegedly impeding free speech.

At our last national conference, we resolved to establish a policy committee to review our existing policy, to draft new policy and to proposed amendments to existing policy where required. We also resolved to create a 'pocket edition' of our policy and a new policy template.

In summary, it is my strong opinion that the perspectives outlined by the "21st Century Socialism Tendency" in its various documents published so far, if implemented, would lead to the complete destruction of the Socialist Alliance (SA) as an organised, national, activist, socialist party.

Because many members will not have taken part in Socialist Alliance election campaigns, the aim of this piece is to give some insight into the thinking about, and execution of, our most recent Socialist Alliance state election campaign in NSW.

The following contributions have been submitted together for publication in Alliance Voices as contributions to a Manifesto, by members of The Witches — a tendency that has been formed in Socialist Alliance. They include the individual authors as well as Jemma Nott — Sydney Central Branch. This document will be updated as additional contributions are received.

End the Liberal and Labor bipartisan policy of keeping refugees out of under the guise of attacking “people smuggling” and “border security”. Free all the refugees from detention centres in Australia and from offshore detention centres that the Australian government sub-contracts out. End mandatory detention. End deportations.

There is a growing public awareness of the plight of animals used for purposes such as food, clothing, entertainment and experimentation.