Melbourne District

Proposed amendments to draft Socialist Alliance program. The draft programmatic document can be found here.

The article by Lisa MacDonald, Pat Brewer & Pip Hinman asking “Is sex work just a job like any other?” asks an unhelpful question, and by a circuitous route reinforces some of the messages of the conservative backlash against sex workers' rights.

Social democracy has had a grip on trade unions for majority of the existence of trade unions in Australia. Even in the early 1800s politicians had wanted to capture the trade union constituency to have a collective that may be able to vote on block.

Following are some points on the draft programmatic document recently submitted to Alliance Voices. These points express my own view, as the original proposer of it at our last national conference and the main drafter of the current version of it, but also reflect some of the discussion had among comrades involved in the drafting so far.

Socialist Alliance councillor Sue Bolton talked to Socialist Alliance Melbourne District member Dave Holmes in late December 2014 about her work as a socialist councillor in Moreland, an inner-middle municipality in Melbourne.

In this short contribution I want to put forward the necessity of updating and expanding our education and propaganda materials. Since the merging of the Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP) into the Socialist Alliance we have been in a period of transition. We have been and will continue to discuss what kind of a party we are and how we relate to different sections of the population through our political work.

Socialist Alliance contested 7 seats in the September 2013 House of Representatives elections. We got 5032 votes all told, averaging 0.81 percent across the seven seats. (for details, see the appendix below).