The Socialist Alliance recognises the legitimate national aspirations of the Kurdish people, divided by the colonial powers at the end of World War I between four countries (Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran).

The Socialist Alliance supports and campaigns for the right to choose to die with dignity and to decriminalise assisting a person to carry out their free and informed choice to end their life.

Amendments to the proposed policy on Animal Welfare.

The Australian Unemployed Workers Union (AUWU) is an organisation run by the unemployed, for the unemployed. Formed in early 2015, the AUWU’s mission is to protect the interests of people currently unemployed and stop the government’s ongoing assault against Australia’s welfare state. The AUWU is not affiliated with any political parties, and is entirely self-funded with a membership of about 7000 and rapidly increasing.

In the absence of a movement on the question of housing, despite the fact that a third or more households in Melbourne are experiencing housing stress, Socialist Alliance needs to have a clear and prominent position on housing as well as actively demanding action when opportunities arise, especially through the Moreland Council position.

In his article In Defence of the Alliance, Ben Courtice says we need “more quantitative and systematic analysis of the limits of current activities, especially those that might be routine or taken for granted, with an open presentation of alternative options. Engage a statistician if necessary!”

Most members of the former 21st Century Socialism Tendency have now resigned from Socialist Alliance.  But I think it is still worth critically discussing some of the Tendency’s ideas.

The Tendency seemed to dismiss the whole history of the international left during the past hundred years as a “failed” project... 

While the 21st Century Socialism tendency left before their views had a chance to be debated, some of the issues they raised are worth further consideration, and the response to them also.

A split is never fun and the loss of a group of mainly young comrades that has significantly weakened a branch is not to be welcomed. It has been oddly jarring however, coming almost straight after a successful public conference, forming closer links with campaigning leftwing Queensland MP Rob Pyne, an election campaign featuring a barnstorming effort by key First Nations movement leader Ken Canning, and some significant successes in mobilising people and alliance-building resulting from our local councillor positions.

I welcome the Ten Alternatives for Socialist Alliance document presented by the 21st Century Socialism tendency. Finally there are specific proposals for consideration. While I am not making a detailed analysis of the document, some proposals deserve examination.

This is not a comprehensive critique of the Tendency's documents, which would take a lot more time and thought. Just a couple of preliminary comments.

I have decided to join the 21st century socialism tendency because I agree with the general thrust of the grouping which is to look at ways of modifying the way we organise to make the Socialist Alliance more democratic and better suited to revolutionary /class struggle activism and party building in todays political terrain.