The Socialist Alliance supports and campaigns for the right to choose to die with dignity and to decriminalise assisting a person to carry out their free and informed choice to end their life.

At the end of 2012, Geelong averaged 4 comrades selling on a weekly basis. As a result of this our average hours were 7 hours a week, and we were averaging 18 sales a week. Rather than looking at ways those comrades could sell more papers, we began to look at ways of increasing the participation rate of the branch in Green Left Weekly selling, in other words getting more comrades out on the streets on a regular basis.

In late October/early November, Socialist Alliance members started discussing what our approach should be to the campaign by the Australian Nursing Federation and the Community Public Sector Union Victoria.

The freebie Geelong Times is hand-delivered to every household in the Geelong region. The March 11 issue featured this piece on our Geelong Branch, accompanied by convener Sue Bull in her nostalgic Soviet-era t-shirt.

Is socialism the new capitalism?

By Ian Kenins

The current global recession has seen no shortage of advice on how best to tackle economic problems. Among the theories on offer is that “rampant” capitalism is to blame, and that governments need to tighten regulations covering trade and banking.

The following email was sent to Bronwyn Jennings, Geelong Socialist Alliance member and candidate in the Geelong City Council elections.

Hello Bronwyn Jennings, My mother Lidia and I were pleasantly surprised to read your concise, informative and promising candidate statement. Leagues ahead of the other candidate statements for Cowie Ward. We wish you all the very best for the upcoming Council Election. A breath of fresh air for Geelong. Good Luck and thank you. You have our vote. Kind regards, [Names supplied]

Our current platform is silent on the question of housing. Clearly this is just an oversight, but one which needs addressing. We offer the following proposal.

The 12th Socialist Alliance national conference, held over January 20 to 22 at the Geelong Trades Hall, discussed the challenges facing the left and the state of the fightback against neoliberalism in Australia.

Resistance members and Deakin University students, were told to change out of their T-shirts which displayed the classic feminist 'Rosie the Riveter' image with the text “Up Yours Abbott”.

There are many issues facing young people in or entering the workplace that impact not just on young people but on the broader working class as well. Most young people enter the workforce with no knowledge of legal working conditions, which makes it difficult if not impossible for young workers to speak up when issues in the workplace arise.