Last year’s Socialist Alliance National Conference voted in support of two constitutional amendments that changed the composition of our national leadership bodies, the National Executive and the National Council. I write here regarding the first amendment.

The proposed changes to the Draft Programmatic Document presented below are intended to renovate this draft program into a document which accurately reflects the political praxis of the Socialist Alliance as it exists today, and the general strategy we want to propose to bring about socialist change in Australia.

Socialist Alliance, since its inception, has grown politically and historically. This has brought many advantages and also some disadvantages. One of them is the in-depth and complex web of party policies. So while our policies have developed, I feel like the current layout may intimidate many newcomers to read our policies. Even I’m not fully aware of all our policy positions.

Young people occupy a unique position in society. They face both formal and informal discrimination, as well as disproportionate social and political exclusion. They are often the first to be hit by, and are more affected by, homelessness and the housing crisis, violence, poverty, social exclusion, attacks on workers and students and other social problems.

The Socialist Alliance project began as one of left regroupment. The idea was, and still is, pretty simple: a dispersed, divided radical left is stronger together. To this day, and especially with the recent electoral victory of SYRIZA, a party that unites broad anti-capitalist forces — organisations and individuals — remains, in my view, the only vehicle that currently can begin to pose a serious challenge to capitalism.

In her recent contribution as part of the documents of the “The Witches” Tendency, Comrade Jaz Priddey made the following statement:

In following with recent suggestions put forward in PCD regarding youth and campus work, Brisbane branch has compiled a report on our experiences with related work in order to contribute to the building of future strategy.

A number of contributions in Pre-Conference Discussion have emphasised the need to deepen the party’s process of rebuilding an activist core and tightening up its structures.

The Resistance and Socialist Alliance conference 'How to Make a Revolution' was held at the Brisbane Activist Centre over the weekend of the 13-15 of December.

It's an ABC of socialism that in order to make correct decisions, socialists must undertake an analysis of the objective situation, of the level and character of the struggle, while at the same time conducting an analysis of the subjective situation or subjective capacity within the objective situation — i.e. what the level and character of the party is and what its capacity is in the struggle.

Jonathan Strauss' useful contribution on a sustainable transport policy skirts an issue that crops up frequently in urban communities: traffic calming. 

I announce the dissolution of the Red Eureka Tendency (RET), effective immediately. I also tender my resignation from the Socialist Alliance.