I have previously commented in my amendment to the water policy on the scapegoating of agriculture as major water waster, and I must apologise for the repetition within this explanation for my proposed amendment to our Climate Change Charter. However it was too unwieldy to amend two different policies within one contribution.

Australian farming is in crisis. Multinational corporations are buying up prime food-producing land, just as free trade treaties come into play that will allow them to sue governments that affect their profits by attempting to regulate their use of that land. This is a massive threat to Australia’s family farmers’ ability to continue to produce sustainable clean, green food to feed our population and export globally.

Society has a duty of care to minimise the physical and psychological suffering of animals and that means ensuring the welfare of animals and protection for animals at risk.

Proposed amendments to SA’s water, climate charter, and the preamble and manifesto of sustainable Australian agriculture put up this week for adoption will explain in depth these proposed amendments to our Australian politics and campaigns resolution, and the implications for our campaign work. Rather than bog comrades down in further repetition, please refer to them before reading these proposed amendments to our plan of action.

Australia is the most urbanised country on Earth, with 89% living in urban areas, and the continuing alienation of urban from rural means that most urban people have little knowledge and less experience of rural land management issues.

This is a revised draft of the policy based on some feedback, and also adds in a point omitted from the original draft.

Water is the issue which can unite all Australians in a struggle which will take us to massive social change. Because to win we must defeat the mining companies which own our major parties, and the Big 4 banks and the media empires which back them.

The Socialist Alliance project began as one of left regroupment. The idea was, and still is, pretty simple: a dispersed, divided radical left is stronger together. To this day, and especially with the recent electoral victory of SYRIZA, a party that unites broad anti-capitalist forces — organisations and individuals — remains, in my view, the only vehicle that currently can begin to pose a serious challenge to capitalism.

In her recent contribution as part of the documents of the “The Witches” Tendency, Comrade Jaz Priddey made the following statement:

In following with recent suggestions put forward in PCD regarding youth and campus work, Brisbane branch has compiled a report on our experiences with related work in order to contribute to the building of future strategy.

Re: “Constitutional amendments for improving the operation and democracy of our national leadership bodies, proposed by comrades Angus McAllen, Ewan S, Sean Brocklehurst, Sian Cumberland, Laura Gilbie, Evan Verner, Brodie Carter, Liah Lazarou, Dom Hale, Leela Ford Lucinda Donovan”

These amendments seek to:

  1. Increase youth representation on the National Executive;
  2. Make the National Executive a more democratic body by ensuring that it comprises party leaders from each branch where possible;