Boorloo (Perth)

I attended the Ideas Left Outside conference in Ontario from July 29-August 1

I'm writing this contribution because the social and political feminist left, natural allies of sex workers fighting for their rights, can alienate sex workers if there is not a clear understanding of the stigma sex workers face, and how to counter it.

Since no job is exactly like any other job, what are we really asking when we ask is sex work “work like any other”? I think there are two important things that are being conveyed in the statement “sex work is work like any other work.”

As socialists moral outrage at trafficking and hyper exploitation is not enough. We need a full understanding of what is trafficking, why people are trafficked, who is trafficking them and what social and political solidarity is needed to from first world socialist.

Editor's Note: These amendments were received by the deadline, but there was delay in publishing them.

In the 21st century it is impossible to live without money. Until possibly the 1970's it was possible to go bush and survive. Now the right to squat on public land is gone, the wildlife decimated and the oceans overfished and acidifying. 

I am co-presenting the session on the origins of women’s oppression at this year’s national conference with Kamala E. This PCD article introduces some of the ideas we will present.

The Socialist Alliance 10th National Conference adopted changes to our policies on sex workers’ rights and women’s liberation to spell out further our opposition to all forms of criminalisation of sex work and underscore the importance of sex workers organising for their rights being recognised as a matter of industrial justice. [The policy as amended can be found here.]

Proposed amendment to the Marriage and Civil Unions policy

On March 14, twenty-five turned up for Perth Hills public forum featuring a report back from Venezuela and Cuba by Annolies Truman (pictured) and myself.

Some people travelled a long way to attend, such as Communist Party of Australia state secretary Vic Williams who drove from near Fremantle. He and other participants were interested in the Permaculture and genetically modified organism research aspects touched on in the presentation.