The appearance within our ranks of the 21st Century Socialism Tendency confronts the Socialist Alliance with a significant political challenge, of a type that has always been implicit in the project we have undertaken.

The document of the Twenty-First Century Socialism Tendency provides a bleak portrayal of the Socialist Alliance as a party gripped by severe crisis, seen as resulting from systematic organisational and political transgressions and failures on the part of a core group within the national leadership. Summarising the arguments which the document presents in support of this view is no easy task, since the accusations, while vehement, are almost always diffuse and unspecific. The following, however, covers most of the allegations that are made.

On the whole, I support the National Executive’s (NE) Proposed amendments to the Code of Conduct and Constitution relating to disciplinary matters, but just wanted to suggest a few small changes (both to these amendments and the current Code of Conduct).

This contribution aims to both report back on developments in Adelaide branch in relation to our integration of childcare, and reinforce the need to consider gendered labour more broadly in our party work.

We propose that each Socialist Alliance branch elect at least one Grievance Officer that branch members can report issues such as bullying and harassment to. We believe that this, in addition to a Code of Conduct, will help Socialist Alliance deal with cases of bullying and harassment. The Grievance Officer can then report the issues to the Executive if asked, while protecting the anonymity of the victim.

In this piece I want to discuss our current orientation to electoral work, the way in which this is being carried out and how we can make it more effective.

These amendments seek to:

  1. Increase youth representation on the National Executive;
  2. Make the National Executive a more democratic body by ensuring that it comprises party leaders from each branch where possible;

I believe we should include the nationalisation of the power industry as a key demand for the federal election to sit alongside the demands for nationalisation of the mining and banking sectors.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and with it “official” communism around the world opened up a new phase for the left. The immediate impact has been a global ideological offensive of capitalism, which has weakened the left and working class politics almost everywhere. This has lead to the left in many places beginning a process of re-evaluating past experiences and looking for ways to develop greater unity amongst the remaining socialist groups and individuals.

I think overall the document is good but my main criticism is that for a document entitled Towards a Socialist Australia I think it focuses a bit too much on the problems and what sucks about capitalism and not enough about what a socialist Australia could actually look like and how we could get there.

The Left Unity project in South Australia celebrates its first anniversary this month. Over the last year it has been successful in bringing together progressive groups and individuals in Adelaide to campaign around shared goals and strive for increased co-operation and collaboration. Left Unity is a network comprising of groups including Socialist Alliance, Communist Party of Australia, Organise (Anarchist Collective), the Adelaide Anti-Capitalist Forum and the Eco-socialist Convergence, as well as current and ex-members of the Greens and non-aligned individuals.

Socialist Alliance in Adelaide has played an active role in the campaign to replace Port Augusta's ageing coal-fired power stations with concentrating solar thermal power towers.