Our lives are worth more than their profits

Our lives are worth more than their profits

Australia is a wealthy country. We have the resources to guarantee everybody a decent life and to take genuine climate action.

But inequality in this country is extreme and getting worse and climate action is desperately needed but not on offer from the “parties of government”. It is time for a change.

The Morrison government stands discredited before the Australian people but the Labor “opposition” is offering at best only token change.

Labor is not promising to stop the Adani mine. They are not promising to end boat turnbacks or free the refugees on Manus or Nauru. They are not promising to raise the pitifully low Newstart allowance. They are not promising to create public sector jobs or to abolish anti-worker laws (such as restrictions on the right to strike). They are not promising to tackle the scourge of intimate partner violence and harassment of and assault against women in workplaces, families and communities around the country.

Liberal and Labor governments have been serving corporate interests and not that of the ordinary people. We deserve better than what is on offer from either of the establishment parties

It is time for big corporations to pay their tax. It is time to ensure justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. It is time for a democratic transformation so that ordinary people can take charge of our own lives. We need to effectively challenge the corporations that are out of control.

The Socialist Alliance is running in this election to help build a movement for people power not corporate power. We seek your support as a step towards achieving the profound change that is not only needed. It is possible.