For community need, not developer greed

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How to vote Socialist Alliance in the Inner West:

Step 1: Vote BELOW the line (you need to number 2 boxes minimum)

Step 2: Vote 1, Socialist Alliance (in ASHFIELD - Susan Price; in Leichhardt - Blair Vidakovich; in Stanmore - Pip Hinman)

Step 3: Vote 2, 3, 4 for the Greens

Step 4: Vote 5,6,7 for progressive independents (In Stanmore - Pauline Lockie & Co; in Leichhardt - John Lozano & Co)

Step 5: Preference Labor.


Latest news and media releases:

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July 28 - Amalgamation is either good or it isn’t, Gladys.

July 27 - Candidates call on NSW Labor leader Luke Foley to pledge to rip up WestConnex

July 19 - Candidates support anti-WestConnex Lantern Procession


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What we stand for

Community need, not developer greed

Community need, not developer greed

People are sick of being trampled underfoot by greedy governments and corporations.

They worry that the forced amalgamation of the inner west three councils will mean a less representative and less accountable local government.

The NSW government forced through council amalgamations to weaken comunity resistance to developer greed and to pave the way for the multi-billion-dollar private tollway scam that is WestConnex.


  • End the cosy relationship with greedy developers
  • Direct action for housing, amenities and sustainability
  • More open and green spaces
  • Fund disability access improvements
  • Public transport, not tollways
Scrap WestConnex - public transport now

Scrap WestConnex - public transport now

We totally oppose WestConnex.

Money should be spent on expanding and improving public transport not building more motorways.

We think WestConnex should be halted immediately and the communities already wrecked by this disastrous project rehabilitated.

We also oppose the privatisation of Sydney Buses.


  • Stop the mulit-billion-dollar tollway scam that is WestConnex
  • Rehabilitate devestated communities
  • Expand and improve public transport
  • Monitor the Sydney Motorway Corporation to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and standards
  • Continue the WestConnx Community Liaison Forum
  • Council should campaign against the privatisation of Sydney Buses
  • Create and promote safe cycling and pedestrian pathways
Open, democratic, accountable council

Open, democratic, accountable council

People want local government to work for our communities and to be more responsive.

There is a rich history of democratic and inclusive council practice that was pioneered in the former Leichhardt Council and we should build on that tradition.

Councillors should be accountable to local ward and precinct meetings and act as facilitators of direct community action.


  • Regular ward and precinct meetings with residents
  • Accountability: no secret council meetings and briefings
  • Reverse the forced council amalgamation
Council action on housing

Council action on housing

Housing stress is a major issue in the Inner West.

Many students and workers are finding it very hard to make ends meet. There are also many people who simply have no place to go. Council must come up with solutions that can ease that stress and this will be a key focus.

Council should help provide afforadable, quality and sustainable public housing, support rent regukation and mandate really affordable housing as a significant part of all major housing developments.


  • Sustainable, quality public housing is council business
  • Work with other tiers of government to solve homelessness and rental stress
  • Support rent caps for low income housing
  • Mandate at 30% low income housing as part of all major residential developments
For council help with cost of living

For council help with cost of living


  • No rise in rates or fees for council services above inflation
  • Stop the cost-shifting: full state and federal funding of council community services
  • Reject the privatisation and outsourcing of council services
Council action on climate change

Council action on climate change


  • Commit to rapidly move to zero emissions
  • Preserve local green space and waterways, to promote urban cooling
  • Protect biodiversity and rehabilitate degraded environments
  • No council investment in fossil fuels or other harmful industries
  • Support renewable energy use
  • Tailor climate adaptation measures for the elderly and low income residents
  • Improve council recycling and reuse programs and mandate corporate recycling
  • Expand community gardening programs