For people and planet before profit

Vote 1 Socialist Alliance in 2022
Vote 1 Socialist Alliance in 2022

The world is currently facing an unprecedented ecological and social crisis. A small number of billionaires now own more wealth than most of the world’s population combined. Their ruthless greed to keep accumulating more profits and wealth has driven us to the point where a climate emergency threatens to end the liveability of our planet and they have made life more precarious and insecure for the great majority.

The COVID-19 has taught us that to survive any crisis we have to build community solidarity, work together and put the common good ahead of corporate profit.

To face up to the climate emergency and to reject the race to more wars and an even greater global refugee crisis, society needs to take the same approach.

If there is going to be a climate safe, peaceful and job-secure future for the great majority of people, there needs to be a political U-turn by the Australian government.

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