The 10th national conference of the Socialist Alliance will be held in Sydney over the long weekend of June 7-9. This gathering will take place at a time of extreme inequality, intensified conflict and ecological crisis on a global scale.

Following our recent National Executive meeting it was requested that we include a copy of the original motion on the NDIS tabled at the 9th National Conference for reference.

The December 2 ABCC demo over here was very good; well over 2000 present maybe as much as 3000. Biggest contingents were from MUA and AMWU at around 1000 each.

This article is both an assessment of aspects of our trade union work over the past period and makes some proposals for our work.

Regarding industrial issues, the main tasks facing union militants in the movement are: 1) To achieve legislative change through mass campaigns; and 2) To fight attacks taking place at individual workplaces.

The following article is based on a presentation by Aaron Roden of Sydney West Socialist Alliance.

* * *

Let’s start with the climate science. The CSIRO website offers some data. Over the past century the global average surface temperature has risen by 0.74 ºC. In Australia there has been a 0.9ºC warming since 1950. Average northern hemisphere temperatures during the second half of the 20th century were the highest of any 50-year period in the past 1300 years.

Thirty five people packed into the Brisbane Activist Centre here on February 13th to hear Dr Bian Seneviratne (pictured) speak on the present situation in the Tamil regions of Sri Lanka. Seneviratne who was born into the majority Sinhala population of the island is a world renowned activist for Tamil rights. He told the overwhelmingly Tamil audience that the situation is dire in Sri Lanka and that it was urgent to build on the recent wave of international protests organised by Tamil exile communities around the world.

The organisation of our Seventh National Conference is well under way. After two National Executive discussions and quite a few Conference Organising Committee meetings, the draft agenda for the conference has been finalised, and is published in this Alliance Voices. Like all conference documents it is also available on our conference wiki site here.

The following talk was given at the launch of The Aboriginal Struggle and the Left on November 22 in Sydney West Pictured right.

* * *

We are here to launch Terry Townsend’s book, Aboriginal Struggle and the Left. I may also refer sometimes to Socialist Alliance’s other recent publication, the policy document on Aboriginal Rights.

Overall the Victorian Climate Camp at Hazelwood (September 24-27) was a success for the climate movement and Socialist Alliance.

Around 500 people from around Victoria participated in the main action (about half camped the day before), despite starting at 11am on a cold rainy Sunday. The action was marked by a higher proportion of young people and students than other climate actions. Most of the participants weren't new to the movement with many coming through the various Melbourne suburban climate action groups.

The NSW Climate Camp ‘09 – held in Helensburgh, an hour south of Sydney – was an inspiring success. Despite driving rain and gale force winds, up to 300 people camped out on the local footy field, creating a festival of sustainable living, political workshops, art, music and activist organising. The camp’s theme was, “When it comes to water, climate and jobs — actions speak louder than words”.