Minutes of the Socialist Alliance national council meeting.

Chairperson: Simon B

Proposed agenda:

  1. National Socialist Alliance building report
  2. Branch reports*
  3. Report on the campaign against coal seam gas mining
  4. Report on the World at a Crossroads: CC|SC Conference and the Socialist Alliance national conference 2012


10.30am: Procedural motions adopted.

Apologies: Farida I (Canberra), Stephen O (Newcastle); Jon S (Cairns), Townsville.

10.40am: Socialist Alliance Building report

Presented by Pip H for the National Executive (report below)

Sydney, January 15-16, 2011.

Motions on meeting procedure (moved by Lisa Macdonald):

Motion 1: That voting rights at this National Council meeting be extended to all elected members of district and state committees.

Motion 2: That the following members who are not currently members of the National Council be invited to attend the meeting (with voice not vote):

At the Seventh National Conference of The Socialist Alliance the order of presentation and initial discussion on the topics to be decided differed from the order of final discussion and voting, which took place on the last day of conference. These draft minutes record the process of amendment and voting on topics in the order in which they were initially presented and discussed, i.e, in the order in which they first appeared in the conference agenda.

*  *  *

Sunday, January 3, morning sessions


December 6-7, 2008, Geelong Trades Hall, Geelong, Victoria. Saturday, December 6

The conference began at 3.50pm.

Chairs of sessions were as laid out in the draft agenda, except where indicated otherwise

  1. Procedural motions

    Motion (Dick Nichols):

    That Dick Nichols chair the procedures session.

    Motion carried unanimously

    Motion from the National Executive:

    That the National Conference adopt the following standing orders for the conduct of this conference:

To: All NLC members Dear comrades, Please find attached the minutes of the July 6 hook-up Ian Rintoul (National Convenor) Dick Nichols (Acting National Convenor) The hook-up began at 7pm.

Minutes of National Liaison Committee phone hook-ups 2001