The following is a proposed amendment to Socialist Alliance's Drugs policy.

I commend the work that Leo C on his work on putting together a proposed communications policy and starting a debate on Socialist Alliance adopting a comprehensive communications policy.

It does, however, need some fleshing out and amending, which I have attempted to do below - with commentary. I look forward to further responses comrades may have to this policy proposal.

The following amendments have been submitted to the Socialist Alliance Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Proposed amendments to the NDIS section of Socialist Alliance policy concerning People with Disability.

Water is the issue which can unite all Australians in a struggle which will take us to massive social change. Because to win we must defeat the mining companies which own our major parties, and the Big 4 banks and the media empires which back them.

Proposed amendments to SA’s water, climate charter, and the preamble and manifesto of sustainable Australian agriculture put up this week for adoption will explain in depth these proposed amendments to our Australian politics and campaigns resolution, and the implications for our campaign work. Rather than bog comrades down in further repetition, please refer to them before reading these proposed amendments to our plan of action.

Amendments to the proposed policy on Animal Welfare.

The Socialist Alliance supports and campaigns for the right to choose to die with dignity and to decriminalise assisting a person to carry out their free and informed choice to end their life.

Proposed changes to the Socialist Alliance Constitution — put forward by the National Executive.

Since our National Council meeting adopted the draft Socialist Alliance Perspectives resolutions, a few developments have taken place.

These include discussions to explore the prospects for greater collaboration or unity other left groups, including the Communist Party of Australia and Socialist Alternative, and the election victory of Socialist Alliance candidate in Sue Bolton in the Moreland City Council elections in Victoria. Also an ambiguity in one of them has been identified.

The current point 6 reads:

  1. The Socialist Alliance condemns the Australian government's links with, and its uncritical support for, the criminal Israeli state.

The draft policy on people with disability submitted by Sibylle Kaczorek and Helen Said, includes the following paragraph: