Socialist Alliance 12th National Conference

Australia is the most urbanised country on Earth, with 89% living in urban areas, and the continuing alienation of urban from rural means that most urban people have little knowledge and less experience of rural land management issues.

The Socialist Alliance recognises the legitimate national aspirations of the Kurdish people, divided by the colonial powers at the end of World War I between four countries (Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran).

The following policies were adopted by the 12th National Conference of Socialist Alliance, held in Geelong, Victoria, from January 20-22, 2017.

Newcastle Hunter Asylum Seeker Advocacy had a pretty steady year of actions.

Water is the issue which can unite all Australians in a struggle which will take us to massive social change. Because to win we must defeat the mining companies which own our major parties, and the Big 4 banks and the media empires which back them.

Revised draft as at 22 December, 2016.

This is the full conference agenda, including sessions for delegates and non delegates as at January 16, 2017. NB: Agenda is subject to change.

The 12th National Conference of Socialist Alliance will take place at Geelong Trades Hall from January 20-22, 2017. This is the highest decision-making body of the Alliance, and sets our policy and perspectives, considers changes to our Constitution and elects the National Officers and leadership bodies of the Alliance. The conference is open to Socialist Alliance members and invited guests.

In the absence of a movement on the question of housing, despite the fact that a third or more households in Melbourne are experiencing housing stress, Socialist Alliance needs to have a clear and prominent position on housing as well as actively demanding action when opportunities arise, especially through the Moreland Council position.

At our last national conference, we resolved to establish a policy committee to review our existing policy, to draft new policy and to proposed amendments to existing policy where required. We also resolved to create a 'pocket edition' of our policy and a new policy template.

With the recent establishment of the tendency and the eventual unfortunate resignation of members from Socialist Alliance I wanted to put some concepts forward for reflection, discussion and debate at National Conference that could improve branch engagement, foster greater transparency and formalise a NE nomination process that is party members driven and branch sourced as reflected in our practice as a political movement more generally.

Socialist Alliance supports and campaigns for
  • A national framework for the protection of animal welfare and the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of existing laws that criminalise cruelty against animals and regulate conditions for the captivity, transport and slaughter of animals.

  • Restricting experimentation on animals except where there is a clear need and where no alternative methods are possible.

  • An end to the inhumane intensive, factory farming in meat, dairy and egg production.