Socialist Alliance 7th National Conference

At the Seventh National Conference of The Socialist Alliance the order of presentation and initial discussion on the topics to be decided differed from the order of final discussion and voting, which took place on the last day of conference. These draft minutes record the process of amendment and voting on topics in the order in which they were initially presented and discussed, i.e, in the order in which they first appeared in the conference agenda.

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Sunday, January 3, morning sessions


A number of proposed amendments to the constitution have been proposed by a Constitution Working Group and considered by the National Executive. This is an explanation of my dissenting view in the Working Group and in the National Executive to some of the proposed changes to national leadership structure (Sections 6 and 7). I have prepared this explanation as it is my view that most members are not properly aware of the implications of the changes proposed.

These amendments propose to give the National Executive:

Australia’s immigration policy should be non-discriminatory on the grounds of nationality, ethnic origin, religion, language, gender, disability, sexuality, age, socio-economic background or skills.

This resolution was adopted at the December 10 National Executive meeting, with one abstention.

For centuries, simplistic population theories have been advanced to explain poverty, hunger, famine, disease, war, racism and unemployment. Climate change is just the latest in this long list of issues that has been seized on by supporters of population control. In each case, the real social and economic causes of these social ills have been glossed over.

Socialist Alliance supports the right to marry regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

In other countries civil unions have been offered to the LGBTI community to placate the movement for equal marriage rights. This is not the situation in Australia, where even civil unions have been suppressed by the federal government because they "mimic marriage". It is for this reason that the Socialist Alliance supports civil unions as well as marriage rights. Yet civil unions are not a substitute for marriage rights.

Socialist Alliance demands of the government:

The following draft is updated from the policy adopted at the Sixth National Conference, December 6-7, 2008. The Socialist Alliance condemns the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the state of Israel. This oppression takes different forms including— the occupation of Palestinian land, hi-tech military assaults on the impoverished Palestinian population, the blockade and siege of Gaza, the breaking up of the West Bank into isolated ghettos and systematic violence and discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel and those exiled as refugees. The Socialist Alliance supports:

The following draft of a perspectives document for the 7th national conference of Socialist Alliance is presented by the Socialist Alliance national executive in two parts. The preamble, which sets out in draft form, an explanation of the political situation after two years of the Rudd government, is for information only, and is not intended for a vote by the conference.

Currently the base rate for the unemployed is $226.65 per week while the basic minimum wage is set at $564 per week. Currently the unemployed can earn $31 per week before deductions kick in. In 1995, that amount was $55 per week.

We demand:

Moved: by Illawarra branch — Matt Garner to present at conference.