Social Justice

A vast array of research suggests that the best and most humane way to minimise drug harms is through legal regulation.

Socialist Alliance supports and campaigns for:
  • Extensive community consultation on the provision of and the continual improvement of public transport options.
  • No more motorways/tollways.
  • Upgrading of  rail freight depots and loading systems
  • Ensuring railway stations, light rail and bus stops, ferry wharfs and interchanges have adequate seating, shelter, bicycle storage and facilities and modifications.
  • Integrating taxis and taxi cooperatives into the public transport system.

Young people should have the ability to input meaningfully into to the decisions that affect their lives. They should have opportunities to reach their full potential, free from exploitation, oppression and discrimination.

Socialist Alliance supports and campaigns for
  • A national framework for the protection of animal welfare and the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of existing laws that criminalise cruelty against animals and regulate conditions for the captivity, transport and slaughter of animals.

  • Restricting experimentation on animals except where there is a clear need and where no alternative methods are possible.

  • An end to the inhumane intensive, factory farming in meat, dairy and egg production.

The Socialist Alliance stands for:
  1. Immediate equal marriage rights for LGBTI people.
  2. Civil unions legislation in each State and Territory, as well as on the federal level. Civil unions legislation should allow official, legally recognised ceremonies, and it should be open to everyone regardless of gender or sexuality.

Socialist Alliance supports empowering people with a disability to make decisions about their future, including the form and content of a national disability support scheme.


  • Therefore, the Socialist Alliance campaigns to restructure the electoral system by replacing the preferential voting system with proportional representation at all government levels for elections to public office.

With this in mind, we propose the following measures as essential to welfare justice in this country:

Sections 18C and 18D of the Racial Discrimination Act — the law against racial vilification — are under renewed attack from the right including the Murdoch media empire and the Coalition government for allegedly impeding free speech.

Women who wear the hijab, niqab or burqa are bearing the brunt of the rise of racism against people of Muslim faith or those from a Middle Eastern background since the terrorist attacks in the US on September 1, 2001.

For 20 years we have had employer-contributed compulsory superannuation (ECS), currently at the rate of 9% of gross income. This was “sold” as part of the social wage and as an expansion of the provision of enhanced retirement benefits for Australian workers beyond those then limited to public sector and management in the private sector.

Socialist Alliance campaigns for enforceable anti-discrimination legislation to protect lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, people living with HIV and trans and intersex people.