Paul Benedek

Nine months ago, Green Left TV didn't exist. Of course, we did have comrades with film skills, and members putting up the odd rally or forum video here and there, and occasional videos on the GLW website but it was very much an ad-hoc approach.

Green Left TV was launched at the end of March. Six months down the track, it's useful to assess our work, the lessons, and possibilities for GLTV's future.

While the global economic meltdown is yet to hit Australia hard, the turbulent international political situation still reverberates in this relatively sheltered, wealthy country.

The report on Australian politics to be given to the SA National Conference will be based on the written draft. It is submitted to Alliance Voices to give comrades a chance to read it beforehand. As at previous conferences, delegates will not be asked to vote on this report, only the political perspectives resolutions.

* * *

The following report was presented to the September 5 Socialist Alliance National Council meeting and the subsequent motions were adopted.

* * *

On behalf of the Socialist Alliance (and the Democratic Socialist Perspective), I attended “Socialism 2009”, a conference of the Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM), on November 14 and 15, 2009.

Brief background on PSM

The PSM was formed on May Day 1998, from plantation workers and anti-evictions activists. In some ways similarly to the Socialist Alliance, it is a relatively young party, although its tradition goes back far beyond its 11 years of existence.

For some time now - dating back at least to our 2003 national conference - we've recognised the need for the Socialist Alliance to produce our own "lively and compelling case for socialism", in the form of a book or pamphlet that outlines the case for socialism.

Up until now, we still haven't produced such a document. We have, of course, produced many excellent policy documents — from the Climate Change charter to heaps of material on fighting unions, to Indigenous rights documents, a welfare charter and much more.