Pat Brewer

The 2014 Socialist Alliance national conference made some changes to our policy on sex work and the women’s rights charter. The changes strengthened our support for the full decriminalization of sex work and affirmed our opposition to the “Swedish model”.

[Explanatory note: This contribution was prepared by a working group tasked by the National Executive with reviewing our Constitution and Code of Conduct to clarify and strengthen the organisation’s ability to prevent and deal with abusive and violent behaviour in the organisation.

I would like to thank Kamala for her Alliance Voices (AV) contribution outlining her views on how to move forward in the clarification of Socialist Alliance’s (SA) policy on sex work. I’d also like to thank her personally for supplying me with the URLs of recent documents on sex work in Australia, one of which was cited in the rationale supplied in the pre-conference discussion motivating the proposed amendments at the SA 10th National Conference