Margaret Gleeson

NSW local government elections were held in 46 local government areas in NSW on September 9. Elections were held for 20 existing councils and 26 forcibly amalgamated new councils with new boundaries. The councils that were not slated for amalgamation — City of Sydney, Sutherland — had their elections in 2016.

Water is the issue which can unite all Australians in a struggle which will take us to massive social change. Because to win we must defeat the mining companies which own our major parties, and the Big 4 banks and the media empires which back them.

Australian farming is in crisis. Multinational corporations are buying up prime food-producing land, just as free trade treaties come into play that will allow them to sue governments that affect their profits by attempting to regulate their use of that land. This is a massive threat to Australia’s family farmers’ ability to continue to produce sustainable clean, green food to feed our population and export globally.

Re: “Constitutional amendments for improving the operation and democracy of our national leadership bodies, proposed by comrades Angus McAllen, Ewan S, Sean Brocklehurst, Sian Cumberland, Laura Gilbie, Evan Verner, Brodie Carter, Liah Lazarou, Dom Hale, Leela Ford Lucinda Donovan”

The Gender Gap: International and Australian Context

The Global Gender Gap Report 2009 (World Economic Forum) rated Australia 20 on an international index. behind the Scandinavian countries who came in at 1 to 4, New Zealand 5, Ireland 8 and “developing” countries Lesotho 10 and Sri Lanka 15. 

On the critical measure of labour force participation, Australia has fallen from 40 to 50, with the female-to-male ratio stagnating at 0.84.

And on the measure of wage equality for similar work, Australia ranks  only 60th in the world.

The latest raft of “anti-terror” legislation will severely limit civil rights and comes in the context of Australian forces being committed to a new war in Iraq.

Palaszczuk is facing dissent on these new laws, but has so far refused to reconsider her government’s slavish pro-mining agenda.

If Labor and the Coalition really want to reduce the time students transitioning from education spend on welfare, they would boost rather than reduce the public service.

The ebola outbreak in West Africa is "unquestionably the most severe acute public health emergency in modern times", World Health Organisation (WHO) director general Dr Margaret Chan said on October 14.

Labor has made it clear that it plans to adopt a strategy of leading from the rear.

The ABCC and Registered Organisations bills passed in the House of Representatives on October 18.

Workers in this country urgently need to rebuild fighting, democratic unionism that abides by the age-old principle "Touch One, Touch All". Nothing else stands between us and low pay, speed-ups and stress at work, and exploitation by the employer.