Chris Slee

Amendments to the proposed policy on Animal Welfare.

In his article In Defence of the Alliance, Ben Courtice says we need “more quantitative and systematic analysis of the limits of current activities, especially those that might be routine or taken for granted, with an open presentation of alternative options. Engage a statistician if necessary!”

Most members of the former 21st Century Socialism Tendency have now resigned from Socialist Alliance.  But I think it is still worth critically discussing some of the Tendency’s ideas.

The Tendency seemed to dismiss the whole history of the international left during the past hundred years as a “failed” project... 

This is not a comprehensive critique of the Tendency's documents, which would take a lot more time and thought. Just a couple of preliminary comments.

Proposed amendments to draft Socialist Alliance program. The draft programmatic document can be found here.

Greg McFarlane wants to phase out the use of animals in agriculture. He gives various reasons for this, including environmental impacts and the health effects of consuming animal products.

In their proposed amendment to the public transport policy, Jonathan Strauss and Helen Said say that Socialist Alliance will: “Build a Very Fast Train network for the area from Adelaide to Cairns to the level where it will replace most domestic major city air travel, which is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions and other air and noise pollution.”

The draft policy on people with disability submitted by Sibylle Kaczorek and Helen Said, includes the following paragraph:

Below is a proposed revised version of the Socialist Alliance housing policy.  The current version can be seen here.

Socialist Alliance contested 7 seats in the September 2013 House of Representatives elections. We got 5032 votes all told, averaging 0.81 percent across the seven seats. (for details, see the appendix below).

Socialist Alliance's draft housing policy includes the following paragraph:

Socialist Alliance's draft housing policy includes the following paragraph: