Number 4

Editor's note: In the previous issue of Alliance Voices we inadvertently published an earlier version of comrade David White's proposals for a Socialist Alliance plan against the financial and economic crisis. This is the up-to-date version that should have been published alongside the proposals drafted by comrade Dick Nichols. We again invite Socialist Alliance members to compare the two drafts and submit their criticisms and ideas to Alliance Voices. Our apologies to David for this error.

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The NSW Climate Camp ‘09 – held in Helensburgh, an hour south of Sydney – was an inspiring success. Despite driving rain and gale force winds, up to 300 people camped out on the local footy field, creating a festival of sustainable living, political workshops, art, music and activist organising. The camp’s theme was, “When it comes to water, climate and jobs — actions speak louder than words”.

This article is both an assessment of aspects of our trade union work over the past period and makes some proposals for our work.

Regarding industrial issues, the main tasks facing union militants in the movement are: 1) To achieve legislative change through mass campaigns; and 2) To fight attacks taking place at individual workplaces.

I apologise for the length of this article, but I needed to give you some background knowledge. I wanted to raise an issue that I feel may need discussion within the Socialist Alliance. I recently sent in an article that was published in GLW, for SA’s column “Our Common Cause” on Cervical Cancer, perhaps some of you have seen this.

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