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Socialist Alliance is a broad socialist organisation, housing socialists from a range of traditions. We are united by our collectively agreed policy and our commitment to work together toward the agreed goal of socialism.

Part of the process of developing Socialist Alliance is the process of clarifying our ideas, introducing new people to our policy and encouraging a study, discussion and debate of socialist ideas.

Green Left Weekly does a splendid job keeping us well informed about what is taking place overseas, climate change and the global financial crisis. Without any doubt those issues are of paramount importance.

The main argument I am advancing is that more attention should be given to ordinary, mundane issues that the average Australian who would rather watch footie than attend a political meeting considers important.

While the anti-war movement has subsided since the recent high point in 2002-2003, the authority activists in Socialist Alliance and Resistance have built up over many years means that when openings do occur – such as around the Gaza assault (late 2008 and early 2009) and the mid-year Tamil struggle against the Sri Lankan regime’s onslaught – we do have authority to help pull the anti-war networks together around a progressive set of demands.

Overall the Victorian Climate Camp at Hazelwood (September 24-27) was a success for the climate movement and Socialist Alliance.

Around 500 people from around Victoria participated in the main action (about half camped the day before), despite starting at 11am on a cold rainy Sunday. The action was marked by a higher proportion of young people and students than other climate actions. Most of the participants weren't new to the movement with many coming through the various Melbourne suburban climate action groups.

The two documents that follow are separate drafts by Dick Nichols and David White on what the Socialist Alliance should propose against the economic and financial crisis. The October 8 National Executive resolved to publish these drafts in Alliance Voices, with a view to stimulating pre-conference discussion on our approach on the issue leading up to the next federal election. Members are urged to read the two drafts and send in their comments.

Socialist Alliance jobs and anti-poverty plan

Dick Nichols, National Co-convener

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