Number 1

The Socialist Alliance Constitution as amended by the Sixth National Conference, December 6-7, 2008.

December 6-7, 2008, Geelong Trades Hall, Geelong, Victoria. Saturday, December 6

The conference began at 3.50pm.

Chairs of sessions were as laid out in the draft agenda, except where indicated otherwise

  1. Procedural motions

    Motion (Dick Nichols):

    That Dick Nichols chair the procedures session.

    Motion carried unanimously

    Motion from the National Executive:

    That the National Conference adopt the following standing orders for the conduct of this conference:

As people can see from our web site Socialist Alliance comrades have been at the centre of building broad coalitions against Israeli aggression against Gaza. This is a critical opportunity to build support for the rights of the Palestinians and to show Arabic-speaking and Middle eastern communities in Australia that they have a firm supporter in the Alliance.

Here are two articles that featured prominently in last week's Wollongong Advertiser. The first features the campaign victory to reinstate free school travel in New South Wales (originally marked for the axe by the Nathan Rees' government mini-budget). The second interviews Tim Dobson and myslef about banning Taser guns. These two campaigns (the Taser guns is purely a media campaign at this stage) have also featured on local TV news and radio. Socialist Alliance Illawarra weekly media releases continue to really pay off.

Over the weekend of 5-7 December, more than 150 people attended the Sixth Socialist Alliance national conference, held in the Geelong Trades Hall. The conference opened against the backdrop of the Alliance’s promising results in the November 29 Victorian local government elections, in which its candidates scored up to 18.9%. The conference also saw the broadening of the Socialist Alliance as a coalition of socialist organisations and individuals in Australia.

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