Volume 9

Following our recent National Executive meeting it was requested that we include a copy of the original motion on the NDIS tabled at the 9th National Conference for reference.

The Socialist Alliance calls upon the NSW government to order the closure of the Lake Cowal open pit gold mine. The mine is operated by Canadian company Barrick gold.

The mine uses in sodium cyanide and other process chemicals which end up in a tailings dam. The tailings dam subsequently has the potential to release poisonous dust containing cyanide, arsenic and cadmium into the air which could contaminate agricultural land in the region. Lake Cowal is itself an ephemeral lake, which is periodically subjected to major flooding.

Intersex people are people born with physiological differences that may be seen as being both male and female at once, not wholly male or female, or neither male nor female.

Intersex people are subjected to discrimination in employment, in housing, in the provision of medical services, and the provision of government services.

There are no laws preventing discrimination because of ones Intersex.

Special decision of the international meeting of left parties

Caracas, November 19-21, 2009

The following is based on a speech given to the protest organised by Sydney Stop the War Coalition on December 10, UN Human Rights Day and the day war president Barack Obama received the UN Peace Prize.

* * *

The so-called anti-war President-elect Barack Obama said the following on Human Rights Day in 2008:

Housing is a basic human right that should not be reduced to a commodity only available at the whim of the market.

The following proposals were drafted by the transition working group (David White, Dave Holmes, Neville Spencer, Chris Williams and Peter Boyle) and were adopted by the SA NE on December 10.

The following draft is updated from the policy adopted at the Sixth National Conference, December 6-7, 2008. The Socialist Alliance condemns the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the state of Israel. This oppression takes different forms including— the occupation of Palestinian land, hi-tech military assaults on the impoverished Palestinian population, the blockade and siege of Gaza, the breaking up of the West Bank into isolated ghettos and systematic violence and discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel and those exiled as refugees. The Socialist Alliance supports:

The Gender Gap: International and Australian Context

The Global Gender Gap Report 2009 (World Economic Forum) rated Australia 20 on an international index. behind the Scandinavian countries who came in at 1 to 4, New Zealand 5, Ireland 8 and “developing” countries Lesotho 10 and Sri Lanka 15. 

On the critical measure of labour force participation, Australia has fallen from 40 to 50, with the female-to-male ratio stagnating at 0.84.

And on the measure of wage equality for similar work, Australia ranks  only 60th in the world.

The Socialist Alliance acknowledges the important historical role socialists have played in major struggles for Aboriginal rights throughout the last century. Through our new Charter, we commit ourselves to continuing in this tradition, supporting and championing Aboriginal self-determination and Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs, while linking Aboriginal struggles to other movements, especially the trade union movement.

Australia is the world's largest exporter of coal, which is in turn the most emissions intensive fossil fuel. To prevent runaway climate change, the burning of coal must be rapidly phased out. The Socialist Alliance rejects the assertion by the Australian Coal Association that Australian coal exports could simply be replaced 'overnight' by other producers if Australian exports were phased out. A phasing out of Australian coal exports would create (at least temporarily) a shortage of supply, sending the price of coal up. The political impact of the world's largest coal exporter cutting exports would be substantial. The two main uses of coal are in steel production (Metallurgical/coking coal) and electricity production (steaming coal).


The Socialist Alliance has codified policy regarding paid parental leave in the Charter for Workers Rights and in previous conferences as follows:

From the Charter for Workers’ Rights:

To “Legislate 12 months' parenting leave fully paid by employer contributions to a publicly managed scheme; the right to return to the same job without losing seniority; and generous paid leave to allow parents to take time off work to care for sick children and attend school activities.”

From the 2004 Socialist Alliance Conference