Volume 9

Following our recent National Executive meeting it was requested that we include a copy of the original motion on the NDIS tabled at the 9th National Conference for reference.

Here are some possible resolutions for the upcoming January conference. The first could be additions to similar proposals others are working on.


At our Sixth National Conference, in December 2008, the Socialist Alliance adopted a resolution on a framework for energy policy which rejected “carbon trading and the ‘cap-and-trade’ model as they are incapable of reducing carbon emission levels adequately, socially inequitable within countries and between the First and Third Worlds, and open to massive abuses.”

It also adopted a general approach to financing the transition to energy sustainability through:

Socialist Alliance supports the right to marry regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

In other countries civil unions have been offered to the LGBTI community to placate the movement for equal marriage rights. This is not the situation in Australia, where even civil unions have been suppressed by the federal government because they "mimic marriage". It is for this reason that the Socialist Alliance supports civil unions as well as marriage rights. Yet civil unions are not a substitute for marriage rights.

Socialist Alliance demands of the government:

December 3, 2009

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the Socialist Alliance, we would like to send warm, socialist greetings to the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, thanking you once again for the invitation to participate in the International Meeting of Left Parties held in Caracas, November 19-21, 2009.

The outcomes of this event are already having an important impact on the world, particularly among left and progressive forces, and we a grateful that we could be part of it and contribute to its success in our own modest way.

Moved: by Illawarra branch — Matt Garner to present at conference.

Below are a list of proposed amendments to the constitution put forward by the Socialist Alliance National Executive. The rationales that introduce each section were written by Peter Boyle who convened a Constitution Working Group (of Bea Bleile, David White, Greg Rowell, Dick Nichols, Dave Riley and Peter Boyle) that prepared the amendments for the National Executive's consideration.

In writing this report, I am reminded of why we are all probably feeling a bit tired as the year winds to an end. Having a Labor government in power at both federal and state levels has not made the work of Socialist Alliance any easier, except that maybe more people can see that our democracy is failing us on any of the big issues of our time and, as the Earth heats up and social injustice rages, many people are looking for an alternative.

Our present health care policy is a very general statement of orientation and priorities advocating a clear preference for preventative health measures based in the community. It calls for Medicare to be restored and extended and advocates that the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories be re-nationalised.

Read it in full here:

A key element of Socialist Alliance projections for the year ahead is going to be a recruitment campaign. Much as I appreciate the energy generated by campaign modes, I think it is a mistake to go forth with a lot of rah-rahing and the best of intentions and expect that will sustain us.

A number of proposed amendments to the constitution have been proposed by a Constitution Working Group and considered by the National Executive. This is an explanation of my dissenting view in the Working Group and in the National Executive to some of the proposed changes to national leadership structure (Sections 6 and 7). I have prepared this explanation as it is my view that most members are not properly aware of the implications of the changes proposed.

These amendments propose to give the National Executive: