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I'll be facilitating the web tools workshop at the fast approaching SA conference. Our complication is that we are caught between our capacity to take hand of any number of web tools and the general level of skill confidence among the SA membership at the local level. The old bugbear of "leaving it to the nerds/experts/tech bods" is something we need to absolutely disparage.

On Sunday November 16 around a dozen members of the Community Solidarity group took to the streets in the annual Fremantle Festival parade. A couple of comrades entered the “Guantanamo Cage” on the back of our mighty workers rights chariot, actually a ute from Tony's Hire; the cheapest car rental place in Fremantle. No vehicle's done less than 200,000 kilometres, guaranteed! As John and Justine played imprisoned workers in the cage, the rest of us shouted ourselves hoarse and leafleted the crowd of some 30,000 for the December 2 rally.

Among many other things the delegates to the Sixth National Conference of the Socialist Alliance will be deciding is how to improve the Alliance’s ability to think about and organise its work.

The following email was sent to Bronwyn Jennings, Geelong Socialist Alliance member and candidate in the Geelong City Council elections.

Hello Bronwyn Jennings, My mother Lidia and I were pleasantly surprised to read your concise, informative and promising candidate statement. Leagues ahead of the other candidate statements for Cowie Ward. We wish you all the very best for the upcoming Council Election. A breath of fresh air for Geelong. Good Luck and thank you. You have our vote. Kind regards, [Names supplied]

Deadline for conference resolutions — Wednesday, December 3.

All individuals and branches are advised that the deadline for resolutions to go to the Socialist Alliance's Sixth National Conference is midnight, Australian Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, December 3.

Send resolutions to the Socialist Alliance national office.

Comrades can find below the first draft of the full edition of the 2008/9 Climate Charter. It is already up on a Wikispace site, where changes and comments can also be entered. It can be accessed at

The Sixth National Conference will not be asked to vote on the whole document, but only on changes in the line of the Socialist Alliance. These are proposed in the first section of the Climate Change Charter (“Set the greenhouse gas reduction targets that the planet needs”), and are in bold and underlined. They address the question of what the Socialist Alliance thinks an adequate greenhouse gas target should be.

This is a photo of the SA Moreland mobile council election campaigning team decorated van. One of our Kurdish comrades suggested the idea and got us to decorate his van for the occasion. It is a style of campaigning used by the left in a lot of overseas countries.

From our Founding Conference in 2001 the Socialist Alliance has implemented the policy that the cost of attending national conference should be equal for all delegates, from Cairns to Perth. It is important that members in more distant branches not be deterred from becoming conference delegates because of greater travel costs.

The way we implement this policy is by dividing the total cost of the conference and of delegate travel (minus any conference income) by the total number of delegates attending.

The following text was originally published on the web site Climate and Capitalism. It was introduced by the following email from Lars Henriksson, a worker at the Volvo Cars final assembly plant in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The recent electoral rejection of George Bush’s war policies follows the popular rejection of war mongerers Tony Blair and John Howard. It closes a chapter in the West’s failed imperial designs in the Middle East — although it doesn’t, unfortunately, close the book.

Now is the time to book your flight to the Alliance's Sixth National Conference. The more you delay, the more you'll probably pay (unless some last minutes sales come on line). The cheapest prices available at the moment are from Jetstar (with the exception of Canberra, which is serviced by Virgin Blue). The cheapest one-way flights presently available are listed below.

The Global Economic Crisis: An Historic Opportunity for Transformation An initial response from individuals, social movements and non-governmental organisations in support of a transitional programme for radical economic transformation. Initiative launched from the Asia-Europe People’s Forum, Beijing, October 15, 2008.

Disclaimer — signed articles represent the views of their authors, not necessarily the views of the Socialist Alliance unless otherwise stated. Responsibility for all electoral comment is taken by P. Benedek, 22 Mountain Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007. Alliance Voices submission protocols.