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The centre of attention for Socialist Alliance Illawarra — as for most political currents in Wollongong — has been the struggle to rewin the right to vote for the town’s city council.

Alliance Voices spoke to National Coordinator Dick Nichols about the importance of the Socialist Alliance's Sixth National Conference.

It is inaccurate and misleading to characterise the Labor government policies and the politics of Kevin Rudd as “Howard Lite”. There are areas where significant changes have been made: signing up to Kyoto; shifting away from a Climate Change denial position; Apology to the Stolen Generations; significant changes to Mandatory Detention; an end to the “Pacific Solution”; an easing of the work-for-the-dole and mutual obligation rules in the welfare system and; a relaxing of the dreaded “breaching system” which contributed to so much misery under Howard and, it could be argued, contributed to the rise in homelessness.

The Socialist Alliance’s campaign in ward 3 of the Blacktown City Council in the September NSW local elections was an excellent beginning to collaboration with members of the Communist Party of Sudan and the broader Sudanese community in Sydney. The result — around 2% — was very heartening considering that Socialist Alliance had not contested in the area before, as was the mobilisation of Sudanese comrades on polling day itself.

Our election effort on Saturday September 6 was a great success. It was all the greater because we started from such a low base!

Now is the time to book your flight to the Alliance's Sixth National Conference. The more you delay, the more you'll probably pay (unless some last minutes sales come on line). The cheapest prices available at the moment are from Jetstar (with the exception of Canberra, which is serviced by Virgin Blue). The cheapest one-way flights presently available are listed below.

This review aims to stimulate on the issue of the 2007 election campaign and results, and potential policy directions for SA. The election campaign achieved its primary goal — the end of the Howard regime.

September’s NSW local government elections took place in a context where the state Labor government has been lurching from one crisis to another - notably (but not exclusively) a result of their persistence in pushing for privatisation of electricity against the wishes of 86% of the population.

Socialist Alliance trade union work continues to advance steadily, as registered at our September 18 national trade union work hook-up.

It's been some time since Alliance Voices came out but one problem we noted in the past was that it was so very difficult to distribute the journal as we relied on branches distributing AV in hard copy (paper) format by hand or by post — or to send it out to members as an email attachment.

Around 60 people attended the Socialist Alliance NSW conference in Wollongong on August 23.

The day was an inspiring success for a number of reasons. Richard Davis (son of the late Aunty Mary Davis) gave a really warm welcome to country to kick off, congratulating Socialist Alliance comrades’ work in initiating and building the Aboriginal Rights Group in Wollongong and saying we don’t get the recognition we deserve.

Environment issues have been an integral part of election campaigns and public policy debates for many years. As the science of climate change has developed and expanded, and the public has become aware of the need for swift government action to reduce the level of atmospheric greenhouse gases, Socialist Alliance has endeavoured to play a leading role in the ensuing political and publicity campaigns and debates that are occurring at every level.

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