Volume 18

The following is a proposed amendment to Socialist Alliance's Drugs policy.

Socialist Alliance's draft platform for the 2019 Federal election.

I commend the work that Leo C on his work on putting together a proposed communications policy and starting a debate on Socialist Alliance adopting a comprehensive communications policy.

It does, however, need some fleshing out and amending, which I have attempted to do below - with commentary. I look forward to further responses comrades may have to this policy proposal.

The following amendments have been submitted to the Socialist Alliance Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Here is a suggested list of readings for participants in the Activist Summer School. This page will be updated with new items.

This is a proposed Tax policy for Socialist Alliance.

Media in Australia is in crisis.

Despite Australians’ faith in journalism increasing according to the latest Edelman study, Australians’ trust in ‘the media’ is at an all-time low, ranking second-lowest out of 28 surveyed countries, only in front of Turkey.

Proposed amendments to the NDIS section of Socialist Alliance policy concerning People with Disability.

Camping and cabins (within a short drive from Geelong)

Discovery Parks - Geelong

The 13th National Conference of Socialist Alliance and Activist Summer School will take place at Geelong Trades Hall from Tuesday January 15 to Sunday January 20, 2019.

The Summer School runs from Tuesday to Friday (15th-18th), and the decision-making conference runs from Friday evening until Sunday evening (18th-20th).

Many of us own smart phones and computers which are connected to the internet. A large portion of the Western world has internet connections which are active at all times. If you own a smart phone, there is a significant chance that it is operating non-stop, and is only turned off momentarily when it doesn't function properly.

Collective struggle is borne of the decline of material conditions. The rise or decline of the union movement broadly represents the working class’s faith in the ability of the movement to secure material gains.