Volume 17

I want to start a discussion about the relation of theory to practice in building a revolutionary socialist movement. I have encountered a great deal of hostility online and in passing in everyday life to activity and work that is theoretical. I have posted philosophical musings online only to have such content met with derision for being complex or immediately inaccessible to ordinary people. One such post I made about the meaning of “materialism” in Marxism was met with the reply, “How would you explain this to a working class person?” as if the post was not of any value unless it could be immediately understood by an ordinary worker.

NSW local government elections were held in 46 local government areas in NSW on September 9. Elections were held for 20 existing councils and 26 forcibly amalgamated new councils with new boundaries. The councils that were not slated for amalgamation — City of Sydney, Sutherland — had their elections in 2016.