Number 1

I'm writing this contribution because the social and political feminist left, natural allies of sex workers fighting for their rights, can alienate sex workers if there is not a clear understanding of the stigma sex workers face, and how to counter it.

This contribution aims to both report back on developments in Adelaide branch in relation to our integration of childcare, and reinforce the need to consider gendered labour more broadly in our party work.

The article by Lisa MacDonald, Pat Brewer & Pip Hinman asking “Is sex work just a job like any other?” asks an unhelpful question, and by a circuitous route reinforces some of the messages of the conservative backlash against sex workers' rights.

The proposed changes to the Draft Programmatic Document presented below are intended to renovate this draft program into a document which accurately reflects the political praxis of the Socialist Alliance as it exists today, and the general strategy we want to propose to bring about socialist change in Australia.

End the Liberal and Labor bipartisan policy of keeping refugees out of under the guise of attacking “people smuggling” and “border security”. Free all the refugees from detention centres in Australia and from offshore detention centres that the Australian government sub-contracts out. End mandatory detention. End deportations.

In following with recent suggestions put forward in PCD regarding youth and campus work, Brisbane branch has compiled a report on our experiences with related work in order to contribute to the building of future strategy.

On the whole, I support the National Executive’s (NE) Proposed amendments to the Code of Conduct and Constitution relating to disciplinary matters, but just wanted to suggest a few small changes (both to these amendments and the current Code of Conduct).

We propose that each Socialist Alliance branch elect at least one Grievance Officer that branch members can report issues such as bullying and harassment to. We believe that this, in addition to a Code of Conduct, will help Socialist Alliance deal with cases of bullying and harassment. The Grievance Officer can then report the issues to the Executive if asked, while protecting the anonymity of the victim.

Social democracy has had a grip on trade unions for majority of the existence of trade unions in Australia. Even in the early 1800s politicians had wanted to capture the trade union constituency to have a collective that may be able to vote on block.

Young people occupy a unique position in society. They face both formal and informal discrimination, as well as disproportionate social and political exclusion. They are often the first to be hit by, and are more affected by, homelessness and the housing crisis, violence, poverty, social exclusion, attacks on workers and students and other social problems.

These amendments seek to:

  1. Increase youth representation on the National Executive;
  2. Make the National Executive a more democratic body by ensuring that it comprises party leaders from each branch where possible;

I support the current policy of the Socialist Alliance on sex work, that we stand for and campaign for: 1) The full decriminalisation of sex work and the sex industry (not just some of it); 2) Opposition to proposals that criminalise the clients but not sex workers (along the lines of the "Swedish model"); 3) The provision of peer support services for sex workers; An end to discrimination on the basis of occupation;

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