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I'm writing this contribution because the social and political feminist left, natural allies of sex workers fighting for their rights, can alienate sex workers if there is not a clear understanding of the stigma sex workers face, and how to counter it.

As socialists moral outrage at trafficking and hyper exploitation is not enough. We need a full understanding of what is trafficking, why people are trafficked, who is trafficking them and what social and political solidarity is needed to from first world socialist.

Re: “Constitutional amendments for improving the operation and democracy of our national leadership bodies, proposed by comrades Angus McAllen, Ewan S, Sean Brocklehurst, Sian Cumberland, Laura Gilbie, Evan Verner, Brodie Carter, Liah Lazarou, Dom Hale, Leela Ford Lucinda Donovan”

The following contributions have been submitted together for publication in Alliance Voices as contributions to a Manifesto, by members of The Witches — a tendency that has been formed in Socialist Alliance. They include the individual authors as well as Jemma Nott — Sydney Central Branch. This document will be updated as additional contributions are received.

These amendments and additions to the existing education policy are intended to expand the policy to include specific details of democratic rights for students on campus as well as ideas concerning the restructuring of education from capitalism to socialism.

Proposal to reorder the Constitution so that Section 4 (Accountability of Socialist Alliance Representatives) is moved down so that it appears directly after Section 11 (Election campaigns and pre-selection) and that the Consitution be renumbered accordingly.

Socialist Alliance considers youth recruitment, and growing a culture of youth integration and leadership in the party, a national priority.

The Socialist Alliance project began as one of left regroupment. The idea was, and still is, pretty simple: a dispersed, divided radical left is stronger together. To this day, and especially with the recent electoral victory of SYRIZA, a party that unites broad anti-capitalist forces — organisations and individuals — remains, in my view, the only vehicle that currently can begin to pose a serious challenge to capitalism.

The article by Lisa MacDonald, Pat Brewer & Pip Hinman asking “Is sex work just a job like any other?” asks an unhelpful question, and by a circuitous route reinforces some of the messages of the conservative backlash against sex workers' rights.

This contribution aims to both report back on developments in Adelaide branch in relation to our integration of childcare, and reinforce the need to consider gendered labour more broadly in our party work.

End the Liberal and Labor bipartisan policy of keeping refugees out of under the guise of attacking “people smuggling” and “border security”. Free all the refugees from detention centres in Australia and from offshore detention centres that the Australian government sub-contracts out. End mandatory detention. End deportations.

The proposed changes to the Draft Programmatic Document presented below are intended to renovate this draft program into a document which accurately reflects the political praxis of the Socialist Alliance as it exists today, and the general strategy we want to propose to bring about socialist change in Australia.

Disclaimer — signed articles represent the views of their authors, not necessarily the views of the Socialist Alliance unless otherwise stated. Responsibility for all electoral comment is taken by P. Benedek, 22 Mountain Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007. Alliance Voices submission protocols.