Volume 13

The revelation that 85 individuals own as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity and the steadfast refusal of capitalist governments around the world to take serious action to avert a climate disaster are stark reminders that the capitalist system is incapable of meeting human needs or solving the pressing environmental problems we face today.

The Socialist Alliance National Conference condemns the Australian Government’s declaration of ceasing to consider the Palestinian territories taken in the 1967 war. This is in spite of the UN resolution, supported by the majority of the countries, to consider East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza as Palestinian land.

The Socialist Alliance 10th National Conference adopted changes to our policies on sex workers’ rights and women’s liberation to spell out further our opposition to all forms of criminalisation of sex work and underscore the importance of sex workers organising for their rights being recognised as a matter of industrial justice. [The policy as amended can be found here.]

A number of contributions in Pre-Conference Discussion have emphasised the need to deepen the party’s process of rebuilding an activist core and tightening up its structures.

[Explanatory note: This contribution was prepared by a working group tasked by the National Executive with reviewing our Constitution and Code of Conduct to clarify and strengthen the organisation’s ability to prevent and deal with abusive and violent behaviour in the organisation.

This contribution is based on a discussion paper prepared for the Socialist Alliance National Organisers School in January 2014. It is being circulated in Alliance Voices for members' consideration in the lead up to our forthcoming national conference, around the question of whether the Socialist Alliance should adopt a set of organizational principles at this time, and whether the points below could form the basis of such principles.

The 10th national conference of Socialist Alliance is taking place at a time extreme inequality, intensified conflict and ecological crisis on a global scale.

I would like to thank Kamala for her Alliance Voices (AV) contribution outlining her views on how to move forward in the clarification of Socialist Alliance’s (SA) policy on sex work. I’d also like to thank her personally for supplying me with the URLs of recent documents on sex work in Australia, one of which was cited in the rationale supplied in the pre-conference discussion motivating the proposed amendments at the SA 10th National Conference

The first point in the draft resolution is confirmed by the fact that events have outstripped the resolution – modest and general as it is in scope – in more than one area of the world, proving that we are having this discussion at a time of “extreme inequality, intensified conflict and ecological crisis on a global scale”.