Number 9

Socialist Alliance pushed ahead strongly with its campaign to put socialist politics before the Queensland electorate, as the ALP government faced annihilation in the state election held on March 24. Although everyone knew the government was unpopular, the sheer size of the LNP win took all commentators by surprise.

The unprecedented swing to the Liberal-National Party is already showing that it will mean massive cuts to the public sector and brutal attacks on the unions.

The NSW Socialist Alliance condemns the latest step in the attacks on NSW public sector workers and their unions, announced by Premier Barry O'Farrell on February 23.

When I came up with the idea of the Red Eureka Tendency (RET), it was to bring back Marxism to Socialist Alliance.

Please convey our strongest solidarity greetings to the Labour Party Pakistan and add our voice to all those demanding the immediate release of Comrade Ammar Ali Jan and the other seven leaders of the LPP currently imprisoned for fighting for the rights of the oppressed masses of Pakistan.

While not ascribing any views to anyone in particular, there may be some Socialist Alliance (SA) members who hold misconceptions about what the professed views, aims and strategies of the Red Eureka Tendency (RET) actually are. We understand why this might be the case, and take on board the fact that perhaps a comprehensive explanation of our positions has yet to be put forward.

This updated Women's Charter, endorsed by the National Executive on February 23, has been updated in line with the decision of the 8th national conference of the Socialist Alliance.

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A charter for women's rights

There are a number of mantras we live by now as Socialist Alliance (SA) members. One of them is “We are not a Marxist Party”. Another is “practise is everything, theory is nothing”. Another is “We avoid ideology because we are non-dogmatic”. Another is “programs are what sectarians always refer to — they are of no use to us anymore”. All of these have their own intrinsic shortcomings with regard to the building of a socialist party. But perhaps the most prominent is the “We don't have all the answers” mantra.

The unprecedented swing to the Liberal-National Party is already showing that it will mean massive cuts to the public sector and brutal attacks on the unions.

Incredulous comrades ask, where is the evidence that SA is becoming a liberal organisation? Where are the signs that SA has adopted a social-democratic outlook? To be sure, there are no statements from SA declaring its aim is to win seats in parliament. There are no SA positions which expressly state opposition to the working class taking state power. There are no educational classes taking place on the theory of liberalism.

For revolutionaries in the United States, there is no question that our primary responsibility in regard to solidarity with the workers and peasants of Syria is the need to organize against U.S. intervention. No other task is so crucial to ensure self-determination so that Syrians can win their battle for democracy, social justice, and genuine independence.

'The Socialist Alliance calls for the Newstart Allowance to be immediately raised to the level of the aged pension and then both benefits should be raised to the level of a living wage automatically indexed to real cost-of-living rises.'

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) is running a campaign to raise by $50 a week the pittance that the unemployed are expected to live on through the $243/week Newstart Allowance.

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