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Let me state from the outset that Comrade Tony Iltis possesses one of the most brilliant political minds in this country. His accumulated years of socialist activism have combined with recent years of experience as a Green Left Weekly journalist to produce an analysis of politics which is an asset to the entire left. Many a time I have found myself simply listening and learning as he deftly exposes the roots of a current political issue confronting socialists.

Most political organisations, especially socialist parties, hold up and look to certain past or present leaders, writers, activists and other builders of the socialist movement. They point to their writings, their work and their activity which they carried out, often in very difficult circumstances, as they put into practice their interpretation of how the struggle for socialism should be fought, or how it was best fought in their particular situation and at a particular point in history.

Draft key policies of the Socialist Alliance Queensland State Election Campaign 2012

So are we. We're tired of the ALP/LNP duopoly that consistently delivers less and less for us, and more and more for the big end of town. We're tired of politicians listening to developers and corporates, and ignoring the rest of us.

Question: What is the RET?

Answer: The RET is a Marxist tendency which operates within the Socialist Alliance (SA). The politics of the RET are briefly summarised in the Platform of the RET.

The NSW Socialist Alliance condemns the latest state electoral funding reform bill as a direct attack on democratic rights and collective organising in this state. In what is already an inherently undemocratic electoral system, the Liberal party bill (which passed through NSW parliament with the support of the Greens on February 16) does nothing to 'level the playing field’ but instead serves to further tips the scales in favour of the wealthy 1%.

Socialist Alliance supports, and expresses its full solidarity with, the Syrian people's democratic uprising against the tyrant Bashar al-Assad.

The RET categorically rejects ecosocialism as theory, concept, ideology and practice. Ecosocialism is a non-socialist idea which is incompatible with the development of the socialist movement as well as the theory of Marxism.

The RET is opposed to the artificial elevation of the green or environmental movement into something which requires strategic adjustments for socialists. Socialists should seek to work with and within the environmental movement in the same manner as which we engage in other social movements.

Enthusiasm for the Greens is reaching fever pitch within the Socialist Alliance (SA). Green Left is now editorialising in favour of still more collaboration with Australia's third largest parliamentary party. SA pronounces with ebullience that SA has confirmed it “seeks the greatest possible political collaboration with the Greens”. (1) Greens MLC David Shoebridge's visit to Socialist Alliance's 8th National Conference is hailed with almost messianic fervour.

Socialist Alliance supports, and expresses its full solidarity with, the Syrian people's democratic uprising against the tyrant Bashar al-Assad.

In the early days of the Socialist Alliance (SA), the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) was our inspiration. The example it provided was one we sought to emulate. Not only had it achieved a remarkable 6 MSPs (Member of the Scottish Parliament), it had united 95% of the left in Scotland. Its advance at that time seemed to be firmly set — it was going places, and it was providing an example to the left internationally. It was a shining light to the then inchoate Australian Socialist Alliance. But then it collapsed.

Ford and Holden have recently announced hundreds more job cuts which in turn put at risk the jobs of workers in the components industry. They argue that due to declining international confidence and consumer demand, workers in the industry should bear the risk and sacrifice while industry bosses and shareholders are protected.

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