Number 7

[This report aims to give an indication of issues considered in the initial stages of discussion that has taken place around this issue, and does not yet reflect any formal position of Resistance or Socialist Alliance. For additional context, see Youth Work, Resistance and Socialist Alliance. Discussion around this important issue will be ongoing in the coming months.]

Very soon, Green Left Weekly turns 21 years’ old. That’s not a bad achievement for a radical left news source in a fairly conservative, stable country like Australia.

Resolutions from the 8th national conference of the Socialist Alliance

2011 was an extraordinary year of struggle and revolution.

The economic and environmental crises continued to get worse, but it was a year marked by a much stronger, broader and more effective fight back against austerity in Europe, dictators in the Middle East, and corporate power the world over.

While the global economic meltdown is yet to hit Australia hard, the turbulent international political situation still reverberates in this relatively sheltered, wealthy country.

The purpose of this report is to recommend adoption by this conference of the Socialist Alliance Perspectives Resolution.

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