Number 2

In his article Critical notes on identity, Adam Baker says: “It seems that in SA we are trying to build a socialist party while leaving Marxism only as an option. Leninism seems to be regarded as even further disconnected from socialism, which is another problem. But is it possible to offer socialism without Marxism or Leninism? ...

The upsurge in class struggle on all continents that characterised 2011 began with uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt that rapidly spread to other Arab countries, becoming collectively known in the West as the “Arab Spring”. The “Arab Spring” uprising has inspired movements across the world, including the indignados in Spain and Occupy Wall Street in the US, as well as the Occupy movements in Australia.

The Socialist Alliance condemns the increased US military presence in Australia, announced by PM Julia Gillard and US President Barack Obama during Obama’s visit to Australia in November 2011 as a setback for peace.

The coal seam gas (CSG) industry is rapidly increasing its scope in the Australian energy market. CSG is talked up as by some as a clean energy source, or as a “transition fuel”, while we develop renewable energies. But it is a fossil fuel. Mining and burning it creates greenhouse gas emissions.

The federal government is currently overseeing a massive expansion of freight movements through Australian ports. The 2010 National Ports Strategy (subtitled “Infrastructure for an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable future”) is a component of the infrastructure building that the ALP and the ACTU see as their central project on behalf of Australian capitalism during this term of office1.

Nationally, what is being planned is a doubling of freight movements by 2020 and then a further doubling by 2030.

SA has been playing a significant role in a campaign to move freight travelling to Fremantle Port onto rail and opposing the Barnett government's destructive road-building plans. The campaign's success has been to link up diverse activists and political players into a united front that extends into regional WA.

For 8th national conference The Socialist Alliance recognises that there was never any legal or moral justification for the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001: this is not a “good war”.

Dear comrades, the following are some suggestions aimed at a thorough discussion on alternative names for the paper and the organisation.

I like the names Green Left and Socialist Alliance. However my experience indicates that these names are still associated with the old Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), and that the general radical public, the broad historic left who may be looking for a home, still do not know that a change has occurred. (I am aware that this may vary in some states however, in the major capitals I would argue the above is correct).

The Socialist Alliance condemns the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the state of Israel and the denial of Palestinian rights by Israel throughout what was historically Palestine.

I'm a Christian pastor, and a socialist. When I was in high school, I joined Resistance, but didn't get too involved because I was focusing on some personal difficulties relating to the spiritual side of my life. I also had some doubts which I never articulated about whether I could really fit in to a socialist group, since I was a Christian.

As many of our comrades will know, I have been involved, inside or outside, in the life of Socialist Alliance for a long time.

The period outside has made me understand the importance of the organisation. This should be nothing new for me after many years of political activism. But, sometimes, the slow process in this country make you think that we have time, lots of time.

I live in the catchment headwaters of the Condamine River, on the fringes of the Darling Downs, and my partner and I farm a combination of beef cattle and native forest sustainably on marginal farmland.

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