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There are several additional matters that could be included in the Draft Resolution.

I have been reading the different contributions to pre-conference discussion with great enthusiasm, and for me it's been a great process in clarifying some key organisational questions and invigorating our collective project in the coming year. I wanted to make a contribution regarding the theoretical underpinnings to some questions that have been discussed, as well as my assessment of the Alliance's movement work and what our priorities should be in 2013.

Adopted by the Socialist Alliance 9th National Conference, January 18-20, 2013

Below is a proposed revised version of the Socialist Alliance housing policy.  The current version can be seen here.

Farmers and agricultural businesses, according to the latest ABS figures (2009-2010), manage 52% of the Australian environment

Proposed amendment to the Draft Perspectives Resolution.

The following revolutionary greetings to the Socialist Alliance 9th National Conference have been received.

Transport is a key feature of our society. How people move around and goods are transported shapes our urban environments and affects our impact on the globe. It alsoconditions who we can know, what we can do and how we experience the world.

I believe we should include the nationalisation of the power industry as a key demand for the federal election to sit alongside the demands for nationalisation of the mining and banking sectors.

The current point 6 reads:

  1. The Socialist Alliance condemns the Australian government's links with, and its uncritical support for, the criminal Israeli state.

The draft policy on people with disability submitted by Sibylle Kaczorek and Helen Said, includes the following paragraph:

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and with it “official” communism around the world opened up a new phase for the left. The immediate impact has been a global ideological offensive of capitalism, which has weakened the left and working class politics almost everywhere. This has lead to the left in many places beginning a process of re-evaluating past experiences and looking for ways to develop greater unity amongst the remaining socialist groups and individuals.

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