Number 13

Socialist Alliance did not begin its life just as a convergence of small socialist groups. From very early it attracted a number of independent socialists — from various political backgrounds. Because of  this beginning, the Alliance started as a looser type of organisation.

The following amendments (underlined) to Towards a Socialist Australia are based on Graham Matthews' amendments.

I think overall the document is good but my main criticism is that for a document entitled Towards a Socialist Australia I think it focuses a bit too much on the problems and what sucks about capitalism and not enough about what a socialist Australia could actually look like and how we could get there.

Socialist Alliance has been campaigning for socialist revolution ever since it was formed in 2001. It adopted the labels “socialist” and “anti-capitalist” from the start and began articulating and developing a practical program to replace the capitalist system with socialism through the mobilisation of the power of the working class in alliance with other oppressed groups.

Once again the question of left unity is on the agenda in Australia. There have been exploratory talks between the Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative and also between the Socialist Alliance and the Communist Party of Australia (CPA).

I am submitting some suggested amendments to Jonathon Strauss’ redraft of the Sustainable Transport Policy.

Melbourne branch recently passed an important resolution to support a more active participation of women who have children in women's forums, by asking the branch to consider inviting women who have children to speak at women's forums.

I had meant to write a more extensive final contribution on the discussion around Towards a Socialist Australia (TASA), our Constitution and the various discussions related to unity. Illness and holiday plans have gotten in the way and a brief note on a hand-held device will have to do.

The current discussion about unity on the left in Australia is an important one. It opens up the possibility of the socialist left making significant gains and being reforged on a new basis that transcends some of the historic differences that have divided the revolutionary left for decades.

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