Number 12

In the past 12 months we have published four new pamphlets and we also have advanced plans to publish two new pamphlets this year.

In this context in Australia then, where the level of the crisis is so acute, yet where the forces of working class resistance are so defuse and ideologically confused - why would the (relatively) few organised socialists, want to place an ideological and organisational barrier between themselves and those who are coming into political motion?

The current method we use to administer Socialist Alliance membership is irksome to me. Even though I pledge a regular amount to the Socialist Alliance each month, via automatic monthly deductions, I still have to be chased up for the payment of my annual membership dues - otherwise, among other consequences, I cease to formally be a SA member.

Resolutions adopted at the Socialist Alliance National Council meeting, October 6-7, 2012

The Ninth National Conference of the Socialist Alliance will be held in Geelong (Victoria), from January 18-20, 2013. It is open to all Socialist Alliance members and invited guests.

I'm proposing some small, but important, changes to bring our Constitution more into line with our present practice and to make more explicit our Alliance building work.

Below is a foreshadowed motion to keep Towards a Socialist Australia as a “draft”.

I'm putting forward the amendments below to the draft Towards a Socialist Australia document because I think the time is ripe for Socialist Alliance to have a sharper framework document, and one that is more explicitly revolutionary, while still being quite broad and popularly expressed.

I note the following references to housework in the excellent updated Women's Charter.

Socialist Alliance began almost 12 years ago with the convergence of numerous small socialist organisations. The creation of what was first an electoral alliance grew into an organisation in its own right, and continues today. This process has not been easy, and while we have made gains and began a process of developing into a fighting organisation for socialism, there have been significant setbacks along the way, such as the withdrawal of the other socialist groups and tendencies, as well as many of the independent activists we attracted around our project in its initial years.

Minutes of the Socialist Alliance national council meeting.

In this contribution I want to extend my previous argument that our platform statement, Towards a Socialist Australia, should be explicit, in a popular and non-dogmatic way, that we stand for a socialist revolution. This is in particular a  response to the contribution of Graham Matthews, but also is also prompted by reflection that my previous contribution could have been more detailed and clear.

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