Number 11

I announce the dissolution of the Red Eureka Tendency (RET), effective immediately. I also tender my resignation from the Socialist Alliance.

Marrickville Council should re-join the no aircraft noise campaign to pressure the state and federal governments to replace most domestic air travel with a Very Fast Train network. The climate emergency means we have to reduce air travel, which is a big polluter. Mascot should not be expanded and the flight curfews must be tightened. This would cut noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Socialist Alliance stands in solidarity of the Yolngu Nations Assembly in its unequivocal rejection of federal Labor's Stronger Futures bills.

The Socialist Alliance extends its unwavering support to the Yolngu Nations and all other clans and nations across the Northern Territory, as they mourn the passing of the Stronger Futures legislation.

Socialist Alliance supports the members of the National Union of Workers at the Coles warehouse in Somerton, who have been on strike strike since July 10. They are demanding the same pay and conditions as workers at other Coles warehouses.

Since the uprising against the government of Bashar al-Assad began in March 2011 the death toll in Syria is now estimated to have exceeded 10,000. As the violence escalates, Western government leaders are openly canvassing launching a military intervention. We oppose imperialist military intervention.

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