Number 9

Something has been bugging me ever since I saw Gina Rinehart on the back of a ute speaking to a rally of struggling mining executives against Kevin Rudd’s ill-fated Resource Super-Profits Tax.

It is a measure of just how computer-challenged I am that I wrote these amendments the moment that I read the draft document weeks ago and have only just now figured out how to submit them!

I notice that the discussion has gone quite a long way since I wrote these thoughts out and I am in agreement with Renfrey's thinking on the two resolutions. In fact, what I am submitting here is my attempt to amend some of the weaknesses that he points to in the document.

No program — no Marxism. Previously, I used to openly scoff at the mere mention of this suggestion. I used to think, what sectarians are those that put forward this notion. As if you need to write down what you stand for somewhere — what a bizarre idea. You just need to do it. This seems to be the current discourse in the Socialist Alliance. If you take part in the struggle for a better world, this is far more Marxist than having your ultimate aims, purposes and strategies codified in an obscure document. Forget theory, Marxism is practice.

Over the last couple of years, the two most consistent areas of campaign work that Socialist Alliance has been involved in have been climate work and refugee rights.

In late October/early November, Socialist Alliance members started discussing what our approach should be to the campaign by the Australian Nursing Federation and the Community Public Sector Union Victoria.

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