Number 8

I am puzzled by Adam Baker's statement in Alliance Voices no. 6 that: “The torture and murder of Muammar Gaddafi by pro-imperialist and monarchist cutthroats was the point where the penny dropped. The SA as broad party strategy was not only leading to the party sliding into liberal and opportunist errors - it was also leading us to support Western triumphalism.”

Our policy document is called “The Charter of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights” and our email group “sa ATSIrightswg”, both quite deliberately.

Consultations by SA members on the ATSI Rights Working Group concluded that the Aboriginal groups we are working with around the country either don't mind whichever term, prefer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, or strongly object to “Indigenous”.

The draft resolution Towards a Socialist Australia says: "The Northern Territory Intervention is a massive bipartisan attack on Indigenous rights and welfare. It represents an attempt to gain control of enormous potential mineral wealth for the benefit of the corporate rich."

I think there are several motives for the federal government's Northern Territory intervention.

"Qaddafi was long demonized in the Western media. His claim that the rebels who rose against him were Islamists and monarchists was ridiculed, but turned out to be quite true." (1)

Not having been a part of Melbourne branch, I am not able to comment on the Melbourne specific issues Comrade Ben Courtice raises in his contribution "Melbourne: We need a clean break and regroupment". Nonetheless, I would offer a brief comment on one of the issues mentioned.

The following contribution is adapted from a report by the same name that I presented to Brisbane branch of Socialist Alliance on December 13.

International situation: 2011, a year of democratic revolt:

The world context for this year has been set, on the one hand by the international capitalist recession, and on the other by the international, popular upsurge for democratic rights and against corporate power.

I largely agree with Peter Boyle's argument in his article "Let's focus on what to do, not on identity" (Alliance Voices, vol. 7).

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