Number 6

Amend clause 56 to read:

We need a system of popular democracy that empowers the majority of people - the workers and other people currently exploited and oppressed by capitalism .

Amend clause 66 to read:

These are my own views on the two documents that have been put forward by the National Executive for discussion in the lead up to the 8th national conference of the Socialist Alliance.

Comrades, in my comments below I don't mean to sound critical of Socialist Alliance. It is a wonderful, the best, organisation and I am proud to be a member. I admire so many of our comrades for their hard, consistent, reliable work and talents. It can be daunting being in such company.

Some of what I have written, you may say already happens, is already true. Maybe just not determinedly or clearly enunciated. Culture, art and the social should be consciously integral to our politics. I don't even know how to do that.

This draft discussion paper was adopted at the Victorian state conference in 2010. Socialist Alliance does not have a national coherent policy on illicit drugs, which is problematic. I hope this contribution will help us get a step closer to adopting one in the near future. I certainly welcome and encourage input from comrades to this important topic.

Comrades, I believe the time has come to address the crisis in the party. I refer to the crisis of identity. Are we a Marxist party, or are we a social justice organisation? Are we a Leninist party, or are we an Amnesty International style human rights organisation? Are we a revolutionary outfit, or do we focus on running in bourgeois parliamentary elections?

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