Number 5

This isn’t a conventional discussion contribution; it doesn’t propose specific amendments.

If one happens to look up the Socialist Alliance on Wikipedia, one will find several entries under the tag of ideology. According to Wikipedia, the ideology of the Socialist Alliance includes "socialism", "anti-captialism", "far left", "ecosocialism" and "environmentalism". I certainly have no objection to the the first three, and the last one. But ecosocialism? How did ecosocialism come to form a part of our ideology?

The Socialist Alliance needs to have this debate about the ecosocialist movement. We don't need ecosocialism for several reasons.

One is that Marxism is about ecological sustainability by its very nature. Marx and Engels closely studied ecology and the work of Charles Darwin.

The fact that the liberals are now blaming Marxism for ecological destruction in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union is wrong. That was the fault of Stalinism, not socialism.

In the Brisbane Socialist Alliance Branch pre-conference discussion recently, there was some discussion over the usefulness of the concept of "ecosocialism" as a vehicle for building the socialist movement today. I would like to defend the assertion that the term "ecosocialism" is now a vital instrument for reconstructing a mass socialist movement in the current world political situation.

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