Number 4

Below is the thank-you letter that the National Union of Workers sent around to unions and community supporters for their support during the Baiada poultry workers strike.

This is based on a report to the Sydney Socialist Alliance branch. It is being submitted to the pre-conference discussion of the Socialist Alliance and the Resistance Conference.

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The second Climate Change Social Change conference, despite numerous obstacles, was a huge success. This is because of the numbers of people who attended and the fact we managed to pull on a broad, open, inclusive conference that addressed both the Marxist/socialist educational content and also reached out to an extremely wide range of campaigns and groups.

It was a boost — educationally and politically — for everyone who attended. Given where Socialist Alliance is at nationally, the second Climate Change Social Change conference was a massive achievement.

This is very specifically directed at Melbourne SA issues but I think it deserves national airing as the discussion may perhaps reflect on problems elsewhere; and because Melbourne is one of our most important branches nationally because of the political life in that city. Unfortunately the organisation there is in the worst state I’ve ever seen it.

A world in turmoil

The 21st century is shaping up to be a pivotal one as human society faces a profound and deepening crisis.

Runaway climate change caused by soaring greenhouse gas emissions threatens the survival of life on the planet.

Alongside this developing ecological disaster the capitalist world is being shaken by what is perhaps its greatest ever economic crisis.

How do I submit contributions to Alliance Voices — the members’ discussion bulletin?

Any member can submit contributions, including reports on work, new policy and policy amendments by emailing it to Alliance Voices.

The deadline for submitting these items for this conference is January 10, 2012. The deadline for submitting all other contributions for this conference is Wednesday January 18, 2012.

I suggest the following amendments to the Draft:

A world in turmoil

With the so-called Socialist parties in France and Spain, I think it is necessary to state that our party is Marxist and we are witnessing the last days of capitalism which Marx predicted.

World economy in meltdown

There is no mention of ecological catastrophes, nor miltiarism -- Iraq, Afghanistan, cowardly drones, nor the Australia/ US alliance.

Indigenous oppression remains

Since the Intervention, the Gap is widening.

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