Number 2

The transition in the sense of the merger of the Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP) into the Socialist Alliance (SA) is completed. The DSP has not had to use its fall-back structures in any way since the January 2010 national conference.

1. Busy first part of the year

Socialist Alliance has had a very busy first half-year, which has had a big influence on what we’ve been able to achieve in party building terms.

Appendix A

Due to the pressure of work, the National Education and Literature Working Group has not yet met in 2011, but below are some thoughts from working group convener Dave H.

* * *

The following motions were proposed to and adopted by the National Council meeting on June 26, 2011.

* * *

Below is the platform of Community Voice, a progressive team of campaigners contesting the Wollongong council elections on September 3, which Socialist Alliance members helped to initiate alongside Greens and independent activists in the Illawarra.

Community Voice states it is “open to people of all political or religious/spiritual persuasions. We are united by our passion for real democracy and freedom from corruption. Our priorities are: Community democracy and social inclusion; Local job creation; Sustainability; Holistic, forward looking planning, directed by the community.”

This report was presented to the April 29, 2011, National Executive meeting.

* * *

Resistance is Australia’s only socialist, feminist, social justice, environmental, revolutionary youth organisation. We seek to organise young people to fight the injustices we see in the world, from war and poverty, to environmental destruction and discrimination against minority groups.

Chairperson: Simon B

Proposed agenda:

  1. National Socialist Alliance building report
  2. Branch reports*
  3. Report on the campaign against coal seam gas mining
  4. Report on the World at a Crossroads: CC|SC Conference and the Socialist Alliance national conference 2012


10.30am: Procedural motions adopted.

Apologies: Farida I (Canberra), Stephen O (Newcastle); Jon S (Cairns), Townsville.

10.40am: Socialist Alliance Building report

Presented by Pip H for the National Executive (report below)

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