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Socialist Alliance does not advocate adoption of a carbon tax. Instead, Socialist Alliance advocates that measures be taken that can rapidly and effectively reduce carbon emissions.

Sydney, January 15-16, 2011.

Motions on meeting procedure (moved by Lisa Macdonald):

Motion 1: That voting rights at this National Council meeting be extended to all elected members of district and state committees.

Motion 2: That the following members who are not currently members of the National Council be invited to attend the meeting (with voice not vote):

In December, in the richest nation on Earth, an event took place that sums up a huge amount about the nature of the world. It was a strike in six prisons in Georgia by the prisoners who withdrew their labour to demand a living wage, as well as other improvements to prison life.

The demand for a living wage is a crucial one, with privatised prisons in the United States running what are essentially mass forced labour camps, in which significant amounts of commodities are produced in conditions of virtual slavery.

A response to NSW Policy “Religious Freedom in a Secular Society”

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Socialists routinely uphold government schools as the only schools worthy of government funding. I feel strongly that this perspective is based on an old hardline super-socialist culture that we have otherwise chosen to abandon.

A carbon tax is on the government's agenda. Both Labor and the Greens have stated their commitment to one. Further, they have both pursued a carbon tax as the primary measure for tackling climate change - rather than regulation to phase out dirty industries or direct public investment in carbon abatement projects (such as renewable energy).

This report will look at the Australian economy in the context of the global economic crisis, the crisis of Labourism and potentials for class struggle fight back in Australia today. First I want to look at two of the foremost issues in Australian politics right now as we head into another year of struggle in 2011.

Motions moved by Susan Price:

There is an urgent need for a Socialist Alliance "natural disaster" policy in light of Queensland floods, and Victorian bushfires only two years ago. There is a strong likelihood of increased frequency of "natural disasters" in Australia (as part of worldwide trend), related to effects of human-induced climate change.

In context of the likelihood of increased rate of extreme "natural disasters," this merely underlines the urgency of radical action to tackle climate change, led by the Australian government.

We need to amend the following introductory sentence:

The Socialist Alliance supports public ownership of human infrastructure and services, including housing, transport, electricity, water and banking, understanding that the private market is unable to put human need before profit greed.

Motions, as amended by discussion, moved by Jess Moore:

Motions, as amended by discussion, moved by Ben Peterson

Comrade Haskell believes we should adopt as policy: “The Socialist Alliance acknowledges that the burqa is a style of dress that disrespects, oppresses, and assaults the dignity of women..."

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